Omnichannel in Pharma

To effectively implement omnichannel strategies in the pharmaceutical industry, it is crucial to establish a connection between strategy and execution. This involves fostering affiliate confidence in the strategy and equipping them with practical tools to put it into action.

Omnichannel as a strategic driver

We can simplify and accelerate your transition to omnichannel, helping you to manage changes wherever you are on your journey, while developing and cultivating an engagement strategy that boosts the quantity and quality of your interactions.

To be successful with omnichannel you need to deliver the right content, through the right channel at the right time to spark the best decision.


ΟΜΝΙΜΑΚΕR™, developed by MRT Solutions, is a customizable tool that simplifies omnichannel communication.
It allows users to effortlessly design, implement, and evaluate omnichannel journeys. With a focus on meeting individual needs, ΟΜΝΙΜΑΚΕR™ provides a user-friendly interface.

The tool offers a variety of customizable filters, enabling precise targeting of healthcare professional (HCP) groups based on criteria such as persona, brand value, specialty, and adoption ladder. By selecting actions and dragging icons onto the visual designer, users can easily construct their omnichannel journey.

OMNIMAKER™ is highly adaptable, offering real-time responsiveness. Changes can be made at any stage, and the tool provides instant feedback and analytics for strategy refinement.

Integrated within the MRT eGalaxy CRM or as an external application for Veeva CRM, OmniMaker seamlessly fits into existing systems. It can be used alongside modules such as Call Details, Digital Details, Profiling, and Webinars, providing a comprehensive platform for pharmaceutical companies.

Automated commands ensure that data from Veeva, including Calls, VAE, Events, HCP Details, and User Details, is normalized and consolidated in a centralized database. This data empowers marketing managers to design and calculate journey actions, ultimately aiding decision-making and selecting the best next action.

By offering survey data integration and a profiling tool, OMNIMAKER™ assists marketing managers in creating HCP personas and segmentation within the tool itself, eliminating the need for external tools or complicated spreadsheets.

OMNIMAKER™ by MRT Solutions simplifies omnichannel communication through customizable filters, a user-friendly interface, real-time adaptability, and seamless integration with existing CRM systems. Its automated database consolidation and additional features further enhance marketing efforts for pharmaceutical companies.




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