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The importance of micro-moment in mobile-consuming

  • February 12, 2016

The importance of micro-moment in mobile-consuming

In times like these -of compression of the consumers habits- consumerism becomes digital. It’s that simple! If we stop to think that the consumers’ creative involvement in complex social-digital networks main characteristic is the need to share their concerns and problems, but also to search for solutions as they would, within a real, human network. Then we can only reach one conclusion. In a universe where a consumer, comments, takes selfies, shares and reads, our absence is unthinkable.

What’s on your mind?

How will we be present, though? Each media has its own set of characteristics and every consumer culture has its own language. It would be impossible -or at least very expensive- to be there in different form and manner for each group of people we want to approach. Fortunately, the solution has been available since 2004 with the launch of Facebook and all the other social media networks that followed. “What’s on your mind?” is the initial question, which marks the global common language. The emotions/ thoughts/ searches are the common language.

The change-talk approach

On the other hand, it is safe to assume that any actions regarding the digital public must be in harmony with the change-talk approach that has been established as an emotional involvement with the problem/solution in question.

Mobile devices – needless to say of the influence they have in the consumers’ life – provide a basic ability· to be connected and therefore safe to search for anything. A treatment, advice, information or any specific needed to navigate digitally through the real world, but also through the lifelong journey of the growth-mindset that is the new under configuration human type, the Growth Homo Connected Consumer (GHCC).

…and a little more science for the road:

[Change] = [clarity of vision] x [quality of feedback] x [1-a*]

*a=the fixed mindset tax

Presence in social networks is depended on the efficiency of three factors.

  1. The clarity of the message that is being communicated
  2. The quality of feedback that is required
  3. The tax of the fixed mindset that complicates the efficiency of any actions taken

There is no need to analyze the importance of a clear message and also the harvesting of feedback.  We need to insist though, on the need for the continued engagement of the companies that are interested in entering the digital world as shapers of new trends, particularly as a constitution on anthropocentric systems.

How can that be achieved?

Just give us a whistle!