Soflens is a product sold in optical stores. They are colored contact lenses that offer a natural color look. Since it was a little aged as a product, we decided on a completely different approach for the relaunch, by focusing on the brand’s target group and loyal buyers: women who focus on their appearance and are eclectic about their clothes and accessories. We made Soflens part of their style, an accessory that accompanies them wherever they go, offering them a unique look.

For the campaign’s key visual we designed an impressive kaleidoscope consisting of a woman and her accessories in the form of a contact lens and accompanied it with the message “Style up your eyes”. To further enhance the customer experience at the point of sale, we implemented the campaign’s visual into table stands with samples of all the lenses’ colors and into print materials that customers could browse or take with them.

The relaunch rejuvenated the product with its fresh aesthetic, stunning key visuals, stopping power, creating a sensation in stores and appeal to a new demographic.