Neural Plactive

We were excited to undertake the launch of a new supplement for the Greek market, Neural is an innovative supplement for the smooth function of the nervous system, especially helpful for people with back pain. Since it was unique in its market, we created a unique campaign for its launch.
What we did:

• Medical writing, based on medical studies we curated the whole content package for Neural’s promotional materials and managed training of the Sales Representatives.

• For the HCPs campaign, we built a native Android application featuring an interactive e-detailing presentation and print materials. Providing sales Reps a useful toolbox to help them introduce Neural to the HCPs.

• For the public’s campaign, we built a website with cutting edge design enriched with useful content like work-outs, useful tips and answers to important questions. We also built a web application called “Neural Pain Map” which helps patients create a detailed picture of their pain: where it is located, how it feels, the intensity of the pain and what makes it worse. Then they can show the recorded results to their doctor and help them have a better overview of their patient’s condition.