Kinisis Progen

Kinisis Progen is a nutritional supplement that strengthens joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and reduces injury recovery time. A supplement that is unique in its category. We had the pleasure to create a new campaign for it which focused on educating the public and HCPs about the supplement’s features.

What we did:

  • Medical writing, based on medical studies we curated the whole content package for Kinisis Progen’s promotional materials and managed training of the Sales Representatives.
  • For the HCPs campaign, we built a native Android application featuring an interactive e-detailing presentation and print materials. Providing sales Reps a useful toolbox to help them introduce Neural to the HCPs.
  • Package redesign, we reinvented Kinisis Progen’s image introducing a more contemporary look.
  • For the public’s campaign, we created a new animated TVC which incorporated Kinisis Progen’s benefits in everyday life examples. We also built a website and an eshop with cutting edge design enriched with useful content like tips and answers to important questions. Finally we created print material with similar content which were available for the public at the point of sale.