Daflon campaign

Daflon used to be a prescription drug with two different indications, vein insufficiency and hemorrhoids. When Daflon’s status changed to OTC, we created the launch campaign for the Greek market including TV, Print, Digital, as well as a new campaign for Healthcare Professionals.

We distinguished Daflon’s indications and their audiences and launched two separate campaigns customized for each indication.

• The vein insufficiency campaign targeted women of several age groups and lifestyles such as mothers, office workers and people with jobs that require standing. We created an innovative video that combined classic shooting with real women, and 3D animation to emphasize on the symptoms of the disease in an allegorical manner and help women identify themselves in the campaign’s protagonists.

• The hemorrhoids’ campaign focused on breaking the disease’s taboo by persuading people to speak about hemorrhoids and their symptoms. We created an animated video that focused on the ease of the treatment, encouraging people to break the taboo and seek treatment with Daflon.

In both indications, the videos’ visuals were implemented to all digital and print materials to create a 360 campaign that created awareness and sales.