We were very happy to create the new campaign for Collagen Pro-active, a leading brand in the Greek market. Collagen Pro-active is a supplement that naturally activates the body to produce its own collagen, with multiple health and beauty benefits. The brand is rather old in the market, therefore it needed a new, refreshed image.

What we did:

  • We launched a new TVC which focused on the beauty and health benefits of the product, as well as its action time. To do so, we showcased the woman that represents the brand’s target group: a strong, active and beautiful role model who states that “Strength and Beauty are within us and they can be revealed with Collagen Pro-active”. With this new statement and a fresh, current TVC the brand image was renewed, looking better than ever.
  • We created new print materials for magazines and pharmacies that were in sync with the TVC’s look and feel and further enhanced our new campaign’s message.