Breath of a woman

“Breath of a Woman” was a concept event on Women’s Day, celebrating all things female, doctors and patients alike.

The goal was for AstraZeneca to organize a gala type event, where all the guests and participants were females – to talk about Asthma and COPD and how it affects women in their day to day lives.

The event needed to be more than a symposium, it needed to be elegant, entertaining and above all feminine. Our team initially came up with the name for the event and the ideas just avalanched from there. Instead of picking a common venue like a conference centre or hotel conference room, we went with an arts centre. We organized a photo exhibition of women photographed by female artists, created a video installation focusing on women breathing in life and a personal Q & A session with the speakers, accompanied by cocktails.

The event overall was deemed a tremendous success and was the talk of the town for days to come, for breaking the norm in medical events.