Becloneb Web Campaign

How do you communicate an already established and well-known pharmaceutical product? What’s left to say to doctors that know all the product’s benefits? Most importantly, how do you do it remotely, due to covid-19 restrictions?

With Becloneb’s latest web-campaign, Just Advertising proved that a product is as fresh as the communication plan allows it to be.

A non-personal promotion campaign, consisting of a series of newsletters and an interactive and fully responsive product-information website gave Becloneb a renewed perspective.

Newsletters were sent to Chiesi clients, through the iQVIA platform. The recipient would follow the call-to-action button and be transferred to the relevant product-information section of the website. The site was built up gradually with each new communication and was fully available when the last newsletter was sent out.

The campaign was carried out in three phases, and not only did it engage doctors at a high percentage, but also provided Chiesi’s marketing with tracking information regarding interaction, progress and success of their campaign.

Creative, responsive and data driven promotion at its best.