Angelini CLM android app

Angelini’s team needed an advanced digital tool that would enhance their visits to Pharmacists and help them focus on both training and promotion of the company’s 6 OTC products. The solution came with the Angelini Pharmacy Training & Sales App, a CLM presentation (Closed Loop Marketing) for Android devices connected with a custom management system to record all the relevant information of each visit.

• The App includes integrated educational and informative content for each of the 6 OTC products of Angelini: Tantum Verde, Tanto Grip, Propol Verde, Vismed, Dicloplast, Importal, but also useful information about Angelini itself. The content is structured in the form of an interactive presentation with a practical menu and an extremely user-friendly interface. The content also includes videos of products that further enhance the Pharmacist’s experience. The App’s content is dynamic and we are able to add new data and new information for each product when needed.

• The management system includes data of all the pharmacy teams’ Reps and all the pharmacies that they visit, categorized by area and several more useful filters. During each visit, the management system records all the information that have been selected, such as the date and time of the visit and the content of the application presented to the Pharmacist.

With the Angelini Pharmacy Training & Sales App, Angelini’s Pharmacy team has access to a rich and easy-to-use application and a valuable management system at all times.