Fucidin/Fucicort Campaign

Leo Pharma although based in Greece, was the headquarters for the Middle East, Maghreb and South American region. They needed a marketing and advertising toolkit for the Fucidin and Fucicort line of products that could be implemented by local branches. The initial obstacle we needed to overcome is the variation of cultures and taboos engrained into these countries.

Fucidin/Fucicort Campaign award
fucidin award - grandpa

We work for Juan

We needed a concept that would enhance Leo’s image as a company that has the patient at the center of all their actions.

We needed something that would work with a plethora of races, religions and mentalities. And that is when the magic happened – our concept needed to work for everyone – Leo worked hard on cultivating a mentality of patient centricity – and last but not least, the Fucidin/ Fucicort line was tailored to work for the individuals needs. This evolved in to the “We work for…” campaign.

Fucidin/Fucicort Campaign leaflets

This campaign worked for everyone

Whether they were named Juan, Ahmed or Neriman. A series of photographs depicting familiar faces in their everyday life represented each and every one of Leo’s potential patients. Along with an extensive amount of scientific based content, each local branch was equipped with the tools needed to promote Fucidin/ Fucicort products to any possible candidate.

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